Tonya Adolfson

Since 1988, Tanglwyst de Holloway AKA Tonya Adolfson has been sewing costumes, beginning with the Utah Shakespearean Festival. She has dressed stage and screen as well as private collectors, charities, schools, and non-profit organizations. She has been in this industry for over two decades and she is well respected in the field. Because the costumes needed to be hearty and able to withstand multiple washings and wearings by folks of varying sizes, she mastered the art of easy-to-wear, adjustable costumes that can be lived in. Her goal is to make clothing so comfortable, you forget you’re wearing a costume. She’s well-versed in everything from wigs to shoes to packable props. After over 500 appearances teaching across the US and Canada, she decided to write down her experience and help others on their own time. Her how-to costuming book, Surviving Your Own Creativity, released in March of 2014. She is also Correspondence Secretary for the International Costumer’s Guild and was president of her local branch, the Gem State Costumers, from its inception. She has been a paid judge at costume contests since 1991 and has helped elevate costumers to expert status, enabling them to excel in their field. Her judging is tough but fair and she always gives strong advice to every contestant, regardless of their level. She makes herself available to help on an individual basis as well at every show she attends. She has taught at conventions across the country including the World Science Fiction Convention and Salt Lake Comic Con. She is also a strong advocate for Cosplay Is Not Consent and seeks to support Cosplayers at conventions and shows around the world. Her talents don’t stop at costuming and teaching. Tangl has also been published in the 2011 Hugo Award winning Drink Tank fanzine and in the 2012 Hugo Nominated Journey Planet, writing as Tonya Adolfson. Her first book, Thine Enemy’s Eyes, was the premiere novel released by Fantastic Journeys Publishing four years ago. Her fourth book in the series, To Thine Own Self, was released in June of 2014, with five more books in the series scheduled to release one a year. The series is being She has also released a cookbook called Filling Up on 500, a Guide to Surviving on 500 Calories. The small, indie publishing company she’s with is focused upon helping authors who want to self-publish. FJP helps authors get artists, editors, formatters, and marketing so they don’t have to do it all alone. Built on the idea that self-publishing is hard enough and the market is full of predators, FJ Publishing helps spread the load so aspiring artists and authors can hone their craft and get their work into the hands of readers everywhere, while still allowing writers to spend time WRITING instead of marketing. Authors retain their rights, keeping with the principle that the money needs to flow towards the author, not away. Each book is made available in every format and through all marketing outlets including bookstores, e-books, and Amazon. Readers can also buy signed copies through the company website.

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